Friday, October 23, 2009

Back in Port

Had a great fall sail on the Chesapeake this week. I went to Tangier island.

Raised the Spinnaker

Caught some Rockfish.

Hung out on the island.

Saw some dolphins (really, there are dolphins in the video!)

And some sunsets and sunrises.

Sorry for the quality of the pics and video. They were all taken with my cellphone camera. I'll also try to flesh out the blog post with more commentary soon, but I no longer have my verizon aircard and the internet at the marina is pretty bad. I just wanted to get the media uploaded before I worked on the commentary.


Ross said...

Looks like it was a really nice day where you had everything working.

Big fish!

Split Decision said...

Hi Ross! Well, the engine wouldn't start at first, and I busted another rudder connecting rod, but I didn't write about those things.

Both my fault. I can't leave fuel in the carb of my old two cycle engine. I need to run the engine dry when I leave the boat. It wasn't a problem when I ran the engine almost daily, but when it sits for nearly a month, the carb gets gummed up.

I also need to add another gudgeon to each rudder connecting rod. The new metal rudder cages aren't the same design as the old ones and one of the gudgeons for each rod is out of place. The rods flex too much, stressing the metal. Over time the metal fatigues and the rod snaps. Often at a very inopportune time.

My solution so far has just been to carry spare rods with me, but obviously that's nothing but a band aid to the problem.

The rockfish (Striped bass) were everywhere. I could have filled up the boat with them. I barely put the line in the water because I would have been catching them all day instead of sailing. I did keep one to bring home.

Amy said...

I think your phone takes surprisingly good pictures. Still I'm looking forward to you coming home so you don't have to kiss rockfish anymore.