Monday, August 17, 2009

No One Noticed

I got new glasses. My old pair went overboard about a month ago while raising the jib in some rough weather. I imagine some crab walking around on the bottom of the Chesapeake wearing my old glasses now.

No one has commented on my new glasses. Well, except Amy. But she helped pick them out. She's my style consultant, and says I look much hipper in my new glasses. I pretty much trust her fashion advice. The only thing I'm not happy about, is that she won't let me wear mock turtlenecks anymore.

I also got a new hat. Bryan found it on the beach and gave it to me. In case you can't read it, it says "Master Baiters", and has a picture of a fish on it. I can't wait to wear it for Amy! I think she'll be pretty pleased.


Ross said...

Good to see that you're back on-line and that Split Decision has been on the move!
I love your confidence about having conquered the 'anchor grabber beast' that stalked your Florida trip.
Re: the glasses and not being noticed - perhaps people are too transfixed with the hat. I wonder how the hat will fit in at the "yacht club"?

Scott said...

Ross, something about sailing makes me want to write, and I've had a few good sails this summer.

Amy says she likes this hat better than the one I picked up in Walmart for $4 a month ago. It says, "Hooked on Jesus", and has a fishing hook and the Christian fish symbol. I don't know why she doesn't like it when I wear that hat.

Ross said...

It sounds like you've got the beginnings of a 'worst of' hat collection started!

BTW, to see a really great cruising tracker check out In the upper right hand area of the site click on "Where is Roz". I also find the blog content to be a good read. Her positive attitude and perseverance are amazing.

Split Decision said...

Aw come on, it's just my fishing hat collection. I think Amy just doesn't like it when I wear the hats when I'm off the boat.

Roz's blog is fun, but it sounds like a lot of work rowing your boat. I like to let the wind do all the work!