Monday, January 18, 2010

Sail Fail

After several weeks of very cold weather, we are having a spell of warmer weather. I decided to go check on the boat, which I hadn't seen since sometime in November. I even had fantasies of taking her out for a sail.

This was not to be, as I'd forgotten how much more slowly water warms than air. While air temps on land may have been in the 50s, the water was still frozen and the air above it was not much warmer. I also planned on using the boat's heat pump, but it didn't work at all when its intake pipe froze. It didn't work much better unfrozen. Not too much heat to pump out of really cold water. The pipes at the bathhouse were frozen too, so no showers. It was a fairly cold and disappointing few days hanging out on the boat at the marina.

On my last day there, a couple boats tried to break through the ice to the inlet. They weren't making much progress while I was there. That's them in the photo, stuck with a couple hundred yards to go to the inlet. There was also a guy at the marina getting set to sail to the Bahamas. Seems like he's getting an awfully late start.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure those guys weren't just trying to scrape the scum off the waterline. Sorry you weren't able to get out, hopefully, the current weather trend will stay with us a little longer and let you unfurl your sails. Unfortunately, it'll be late March before I get the chance. I'm praying that Spring won't end up like fall did for us, with only a couple of excursions.


Split Decision said...

Hi Gavin,

I was told one of the guys was trying to move his boat to the Potomac that weekend. He might have had to take off Monday to get it done.

Have you been out to your boat lately? You've got a small spot of paint/gelcoat damage on the starboard side midship near the waterline. Looks like the boat rubbed against the dock during a very high tide and that some fender boards might have prevented it. The fender board I put out on my boat looks like it's gotten a bit of a workout.


Anonymous said...

Damn; it's always something with these boats! I haven't been down since 12/1, but will get down next weekend to check it out. Hopefully nothing that will need major patching. Might just have to look into the fender boards. I'll stop by your slip and see what's working for you.


Split Decision said...

I should have taken a picture of the damage for you. The big monohull on your dock has got a nice fender board set up. The board has been ripped up nicely too. You can really tell its been doing its job protecting the boat from the piling.

Also saw another boat with a board that instead of using fenders, has some cushions that attach directly to the board.