Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man the Pumps!

The only sailing I did today was in the basement of our new (to us) house. The house is what in sailing terminology would be called an "old shoe". An old shoe is a very seaworthy boat with classic lines. That's what our 1920s Craftsman Four Square house is. Except it was not particularly well cared for by her previous owners. Among other deferred maintenance is a wet bilge. (For you landlubbers, that would be a leaky basement.)

The remnants of hurricane Ida have been pouring rain on our house and I awoke to find several inches of water in our basement. I set off to Lowes this morning to purchase a bilge pump. While waiting for it to pump out the water, I sailed my catamaran around.


richard said...

And how has Split Decision fared?

Split Decision said...

We'll find out tomorrow. I'm hopeful, but it's been real nasty down here and I expect worse in Dville.

If all's well, I'll be out sailing Sunday. Hope things weren't as bad up north.

Split Decision said...

Split Decision was in much better condition than I expected. She had a lot less water in her bilges than the house did. The only physical damage was a torn bimini. It had already been patched a lot, and was on its last legs. I think it may finally be totaled.

I took the boat out overnight to take advantage of the nice weather post hurricane. I caught another rockfish. The fall season has been great fishing. I've brought home rockfish after every sail.